Advancing Racial Equity

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Race and Equity

This Center is a leading voice for philanthropic approaches that stem from community and leader assets, emphasizing concepts that often are misunderstood, ignored, or mishandled in traditional giving relationships such as equity and inclusion, race and racial healing and implicit bias.

Through its convening work, the center hosts intentional dialogues on the significance of race and diversity in setting achievable priorities for the American South. To enhance these discussions, the center’s “scholar-in-residence” program invites scholars to study structural racism within communities and institutions of all sectors. These activities, which gather and disseminate knowledge, represent a coordinated effort to help those in the government, business and nonprofit sectors understand the nature of racial problems, learn what perpetuates those problems and where the system needs repair.

The Center on Community Philanthropy hosts an annual summit as a part of its project titled “Pathways to Racial Healing and Equity in the American South: A Community Philanthropy Strategy.” This event convenes researchers and practitioners to explore structural racism impacting children’s education and health, and mobilize community philanthropy leaders to better heal racial divisions and improve lives and communities. The project has been funded by grants from the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Through its work, the center has joined this unprecedented effort titled “America Healing: A Racial Equity Initiative of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation,” which aims to improve life outcomes for vulnerable children and their families by promoting racial healing and eliminating barriers to opportunities.

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