Relocation, Arkansas: A Film Screening

Friday, July 13 at 3 p.m. (Ron Robinson Theater)
*In partnership with Butler Center for Arkansas Studies and Central Arkansas Library System

“Relocation, Arkansas” is a film by Vivienne “Lie” Schiffer chronicling the effect of the Japanese American incarceration experience in Arkansas during World War II on the generation that was born after the camps closed.

In 1942, 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry were forced into prisons in the interior, with two prison camps being in Arkansas.

Paul Takemoto’s mother had been imprisoned in one of the Arkansas camps. Ashamed of his heritage and deeply rebellious, he didn’t want to know the details. A man of powerful revelations: of his past, of his parents’ past and what they mean to his self-identity, he grieves over lost time and years spent fighting a ghost he never understood.

Richard Yada’s family refused to return to California, where violence against Japanese Americans still existed and became sharecroppers in Arkansas. But a code of segregation in the South ruled every interaction.

Mayor Rosalie Gould’s neighbors threatened her life because she had the audacity to see the prisoners not as the enemy, but as Americans who had been wronged.

“Relocation, Arkansas” tells their unlikely stories. It raises the question: What happens to a community that is shattered?

Vivienne Schiffer, director and producer, will be in attendance for an introduction and Q&A session.

The event will be followed by the opening of the Butler Center’s next exhibition, “Matter of Mind and Heart,” opening at 2FAN in Concordia Hall (5-8 p.m.)

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Date(s) - 07/13/2018
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Ron Robinson Theater