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University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service

Building Bridges
Where Careers Create Impact
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The Classroom

Clinton School of Public Service was the first program to integrate field service into its degree curriculum as an academic credit. The classroom can be an orphanage in Tanzania, the student union in Little Rock Rivermarket, or greenhouses in Peru. 25% of the MPS degree curriculum comes from direct field service learning.

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Hours of Field Service

Since the school opened its doors in 2005, Clinton School students have combined to total more than 450,000 hours of non-classroom work – equaling nearly 55 years of civic engagement.


Countries Impacted

Clinton School students have impacted nearly 50 percent of the State Department’s 195 recognized independent states.

Clinton School Alumni Work
Making A Difference.

Clinton School graduates enjoy careers in a variety of professions in public and private sectors. The school educates and prepares professionals in public service who understand, engage, and transform complex systems to ensure equity, challenge oppression, and affect positive social change.

Our Graduate Profiles
Khalid Ahmadzai Class of 2017 Director of Economic Advancement "My two years at the Clinton School helped me see my line of work, in both for-profit and non-profit worlds, through a critical lens of curiosity, service, and compassion."
Canopy NWA
Sanford Johnson Class of 2009 Mississippi Executive Director "These projects allowed me to develop skills in partnership building, seeking common ground, and navigating the challenges associated with nonprofit organizations and government agencies."
Teach Plus
Tina Tian Class of 2009 Manager, China Services Group "The Clinton School provides a unique experience in public service. The program helped bridge the gap in my experience between the public and private sector."
Grant Thornton, LLP
Operating at the intersection of theory and practice Whether your passion is social and economic justice, healthcare, legal issues, corporate responsibility, environmental sustainability, or education policy, the Clinton School can give you the skills and experience necessary to make a difference.
Mission & Vision
Center On Community Philanthropy
Creating Opportunity

The mission of the Center on Community Philanthropy is to explore the concept of philanthropy as the kind of giving and sharing from within that is characteristic of positive change and long-lasting development in impoverished communities.

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The Center on Community Philanthropy is a leader in promoting issues and concepts that illustrate its philosophy that community-based philanthropy is a powerful tool in social, economic, and political change.

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The Center’s research analyzes the emergence of philanthropy in communities of color, communities of deprivation, and communities of multicultural “citizenship” by improving access to useful knowledge about giving and social change philanthropy.

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The Center on Community Philanthropy works to strategically convene local residents, institutional representatives, and thought leaders in seminars, symposiums, and forums for debate.

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