The Clinton School community is built on collaboration rather than competition, and our alumni consistently report that the relationships they form during their program are among the most enduring and rewarding they’ve ever made.

Clinton School graduates have gone on to a wide range of careers, including director of refugee resettlement, NGO legal counsel, co-founder of a sustainability consultancy firm, documentary filmmaker, and a number of positions within government and policy agencies throughout the country.

Scott Curran

Scott Curran (’06)

Founder & CEO | Beyond Adviser

“Something I learned to really fine tune at the Clinton School is to take the extra beat, take the minute, take the moment, take the time to assess the landscape. The landscape today is nonprofits act like businesses more than ever before, and businesses are acting more like nonprofits than ever before. In the middle, they’ve birthed this world of social enterprise. It’s not a one-size-fits-all because they’re all different within the landscape of philanthropy and business.”

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Shamim Okolloh

Shamim Okolloh (’12)

Vice President, Community Outreach Officer | Encore Bank

“Graduates can be passionate about public service and still bring change and thrive in a corporate environment. I know a lot of graduates go into the nonprofit world, and that’s where I initially started, but since I made that change to the corporate world I feel like I am able to be even more effective as a public service leader.”

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Kathryn Ling

Kathryn Ling (’20)

CEO | Moonshot EdVentures

“Our beginning coursework where we dove in to the definition and purpose of public service was a very meaningful, grounding exercise for me. It helped me articulate my goals in a way I felt for a long time, but hadn’t ever put on paper. I still use the resources from my courses on grant writing and quantitative and qualitative research when I’m working on fundraising and program evaluation in my role now.”

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Fernando Cutz

Fernando Cutz (’12)

Global Head of Scaled Regulatory Operations | Meta Platforms

“Not only do you have the academic program that will prepare you and get you that degree, but you also have these three incredible field experiences that offer you opportunities that no other program in the country offers you. You graduate not just with a degree and academic knowledge, which are important and valuable, but also this resume that is already significant.”

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Austin Harrison

Austin Harrison (’16)

Public Policy Associate Attorney | Squire Patton Boggs, LLC

“The skills gained through the Clinton School’s field projects have helped me in working with others, no matter the background. I had the opportunity to work for the United States Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia, for my International Public Service Project and developed a comprehensive policy analysis on the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. Because of these experiences, I now work in international policy arena, with a specific focus on European Affairs.”

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Burt Hicks

Burt Hicks (’13)

President & Co-Founder | Encore Bank

“I became a better communicator and a better manager and leader as a result of the Clinton School curriculum and team projects where there are group discussions … The Clinton School is extremely unique. You are surrounded by individuals who will make an impact in the world, and in the community, in numerous ways. They’re all super talented, super experienced. They are all ambitious in their own right. I would say to absolutely recognize the opportunity for what it is and make the most of it.”

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Patrick Banks

Patrick Banks (’11)

Diversity Recruiting Business Partner | Apple

“It was refreshing to understand the bigger process. You can come at things with spirited energy, starting with action to make change; or you can lead with questions and information gathering before deciding how to act. Both approaches have advantages, and the Clinton School had a very unique way of blending those things.”

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Nancy Mancilla

Nancy Mancilla (’06)

Founder & CEO | ISOS Group

“The Clinton School provided the right balance of structured course work and open lab-type space for students to explore their own interests, while testing out what they learned in the classroom. The hands-on approach complemented by lessons learned shared by recognized leaders supported my learning style and gave me the confidence to embark on my own path of igniting change.”

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Sarah McBroom

Sarah McBroom (’10)

Director of Regional Engagement | Project Equity

“We need subject matter experts in this world and there’s a place for folks to go deep and really learn a specific subject. We also need changemakers to pull the subject matter experts together and help drive social change. They’re two different things, but you can be both. The Clinton School is about working across experiences and coming together to create impact in communities. That’s what it teaches is that skill, that leadership.

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