Led by Dr. Chul Hyun Park and Dr. Robert Richards, the Open Governance Lab at the Clinton School of Public Service will investigate ways to make public service more participatory, effective, resilient, and secure in the digital era. The Open Governance Lab will focus on the following topics:

Opening the government vs. securing the government

The lab is initiating an interdisciplinary research project that aims to explore the relationship between open government and cybersecurity and to provide practical strategies for addressing the two important challenges in a synergic manner.

Evaluating public deliberation

The lab will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the processes and outcomes of diverse public deliberation projects, in particular in the context of climate change. The main focus of this evaluation will be on participants’ communication goals, sense-making, and racial/ethnic equity. Park and Richards are working with partner organizations, including the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute, the Central Arkansas Library System, the University of Oklahoma, and the College of Charleston.

Creating the Arkansas Civic Health Index

The lab – in collaboration with the National Conference on Citizenship, the Central Arkansas Library System, and other partners – will propose to create the Arkansas Civic Health Index that aims to analyze data on Arkansas residents’ voting and civic engagement activities to yield insights on the vibrancy of civic participation in our state.

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