The International Public Service Project (IPSP) is an individual, 8-10 week experience in the summer term, typically between students’ first and second years at the Clinton School of Public Service.

The IPSP provides students with the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom by testing their newly developed skills in a setting that stretches the boundaries of their existing cultural experiences, fostering academic, professional, and personal growth.

All students choose an international project that builds on the knowledge and skills they gained in their first two semesters at the Clinton School and their prior academic and public service experiences. Students spend the spring semester researching and developing a plan before their projects begin, which is then approved by the faculty director and the partnering organization.

IPSP host organizations must commit to the following requirements:

  • Provide a Project Supervisor: Partners must provide a project supervisor who is fully involved in the project providing supervision, guidance, and continuous feedback
  • Provide a Project Orientation: Partners must provide students with a thorough orientation to the project(s), organization, and community
  • Provide an On-Site Workspace: Partners must provide students with a physical space to work during the project (e.g. at a desk, table, or office). Students will bring their own laptops
  • Complete an Assessment: At the conclusion of the IPSP, partners must submit a brief assessment of student performance and provide general feedback about the project; this assessment will be sent by Clinton School staff to the project supervisor

To learn more about becoming an IPSP partner organization, contact Tiffany Jacob, Director of International Programs for the Office of Field Service, at

Charles S. Agbemashior

Charles S. Agbemashior

Founder | WeGo Innnovate

“Austin (Slater) developed a YouTube and website traffic plan for our organization, and part of the plan has already been executed and it worked … Austin also created an ad spend report that detailed best practices of using advertising dollars, targeting, etc. These are areas our organization is really having challenges in, and having this resource to fall back on to direct our strategy is invaluable. It has been an honor hosting this Clinton School IPSP, and we look forward to hosting more in the future.”

Natalie Larrison

Natalie Larrison

Director of Humanitarian Programs | Syrian Emergency Task Force

“Our organization is beyond grateful to the Clinton School and its students that have made countless contributions to SETF’s work. We hope we have many more opportunities to work with the Clinton School and students in the future.”

Jennifer Roglà

Jennifer Roglà, Ph.D.

Global Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, Research & Learning | International Development Enterprises

“This experience really exceeded my expectations. First, I loved the way the internship was set up – instead of applying to a specific pre-determined internship, I was able to look at the CVs of students who were interested in our particular area and their specific backgrounds to put together a custom internship that allowed us to address something that isn’t necessarily our first priority but is something that would greatly help us if we were able to get a handle on. Second, Becca was so organized, and the way you have set up the IPSP with pre-planning and reports was amazing – that is not something as an organization we really have time to set up with interns, but has made the internship so much more effective.”