The Clinton Presidential Center, located in downtown Little Rock, is dedicated to continuing President Bill Clinton’s commitment to advancing opportunity for everyone, instilling responsibility through our society, and cultivating a shared sense of community.

The Clinton Presidential Library and Museum offers visitors an opportunity to explore the history and accomplishments of the Clinton presidency through interactive and rotating exhibits, displays, and multimedia presentations.

The museum showcases various aspects of President Clinton’s life and career, including his early years, his political rise, his policy initiatives, and his global efforts during and after his presidency. The Clinton Presidential Library serves as a repository for documents, artifacts, and records from the Clinton administration, as well as a center for research, education, and public engagement.

Permanent exhibits include replicas of the Cabinet Room and Oval Office, allowing visitors to experience the history as if you are inside the White House. Special rotating exhibits range from historic to entertaining, providing visitors with a new experience on each visit.

Visitors can view a wide range of artifacts, such as gifts received by the President and Secretary Hillary Clinton, campaign memorabilia, and items related to significant events, like the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Dayton Accords. Additionally, the library houses an extensive collection of documents, photographs, and audiovisual materials that provide insights into the policies and decision-making of the Clinton administration.

In the Clinton Presidential Park, you can explore the Bill Clark Wetlands, cross the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge, and reflect on the poignant Anne Frank Tree installation.

The research facility at the Clinton Presidential Library welcomes scholars, researchers, and students who wish to delve into the archives and explore the vast collection of presidential records. These records cover a wide array of topics, including domestic and foreign policy, economic affairs, healthcare reform, and social issues. Researchers can access these materials to gain a deeper understanding of the Clinton presidency and its impact on American society.

Furthermore, the Clinton Presidential Center hosts various educational programs, forums, and lectures to engage the public and promote civic engagement. It also serves as a venue for special events, conferences, and temporary exhibitions related to history, public affairs, and leadership.

Located on the banks of the Arkansas River, the Clinton Presidential Center serves as the anchor for downtown Little Rock’s River Market District and the emerging East Village.