University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service
Center on Community Philanthropy
Fellowship Program 2019

Mission: The mission of the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service Center on Community Philanthropy is to explore the concept of philanthropy as the kind of giving and sharing from within that is characteristic of positive change and long-lasting development in impoverished communities. The Center provides a forum for broad debate and exploration of the new and best ways that philanthropy can challenge and transform the conditions of poverty, injustice, and lack of opportunity.

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Job Description: The Center is seeking a full-time Fellow to provide coordination for the Center through the execution of responsibilities critical to the success of the Center’s mission. to provide support and coordination for the Center through the execution of duties including researching issues related to community philanthropy, equity and social justice, assisting senior staff with program planning and project report development as well as travel with senior staff to communities within Arkansas on an as needed basis.  This position is a 12 month grant funded fellowship.   The Fellow will report to the Director of the Center on Community Philanthropy and will act in coordination with senior staff.

Salary, Hours, and Duration: Competitive salary plus medical benefits, full time, for 12 months.

Start Date: Summer 2019

Qualifications, Skills, Competencies:

  • Must have a bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree is preferred  but not required
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent time and process management skills, with follow-up and attention to detail
  • Strong computer and information management skills, including access to, and retrieval of, internet based information and academic research
  • Demonstrates interest, energy, and enthusiasm for community philanthropy, community engagement, grassroots organizing, and public service.

Duties, Responsibilities:

I. Support for Convenings and Summits

  • Assist in preparation for convenings and summits
  • Assist in research of convening and summit topics
  • Attend conference(s) an provide support as required, including taking notes and providing informal session summaries
  • Assist senior staff with development of the conference agenda
  • Research and identify issues
  • Research and identify speakers
  • Set up and participate in conference calls with speakers

II. Staff Support

  • Travel with senior staff to facilitate discussions in partner communities within Arkansas
  • Assist Senior Staff with the development of project and meeting reports on an as-needed basis

III. General Community Philanthropy Work

  • Gain knowledge of the philanthropic culture in Arkansas
  • Research and identify issues related to disparities, equity, and social justice in Arkansas
  • Become familiar with organizations that reach vulnerable populations through philanthropy
  • Attend meetings with philanthropic leaders in Arkansas

VI. Office Support

  • Assist as needed with general office support activities as directed by senior staff, including, but not limited to telephone and document management
  • Supporting Director by:
  • Greeting guests to the Center and assisting in meetings with the Director
  • Updating office records and file documentation
  • Preparing materials for Board of Directors meetings
  • Other administrative support duties as needed

Interested candidates please send resumes to Leaundra Sanders at lsanders@clintonschool.uasys.edu.

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