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Program Assessment

2020-21 Clinton School Program Assessment Plan

In the 2020-21 academic year, the Clinton School assessed its achievement on Learning Goals #1 and #2.

Faculty submitted summary statistics for each course, which were used to calculate average scores for each Learning Outcome. The benchmark to meet was an average score of 80% for each outcome.

Student Learning Goal #1: Students will be proficient in the body of knowledge related to public service

• Learning Outcome 1.1 Students will be familiar with and make connections among the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends relevant to public service.

• Learning Outcome 1.2 Students will understand the complexities of public service work in local, regional, national, and international contexts.

Student Learning Goal #2: Students will facilitate participatory social change that advances social and economic justice

• Learning Outcome 2.1 Students will identify, develop, and/or mobilize resources (e.g., human, social, economic, political, physical, civic, etc.) to facilitate social change.

• Learning Outcome 2.2 Students will understand social change models and how to apply them appropriately.

A double bar chart shows average grades for in-person and online students for each of the learning outcomes for 2021-22. Across all learning outcomes, both programs surpassed the benchmark of 80%.  Learning outcome 1.1, in person average 92.4%, online average 90.0% Learning outcome 1.2,  in person average 93.6%, online average 88.8% Learning outcome 2.1, in person average 92.5%, online average 91.6% Learning outcome 2.2, in person average 92.4%, online average 90.7%

For more information, please click on the following links:

• Assessment plan: The in-person program (MPS) and the online program (CSO)

• Assessment report: The in-person program (MPS) and the online program (CSO)

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