Clinton School Impact Minute: Delta Arts Festival

In September 2008, a team of Clinton School students began working with the Newport Economic Development Commission to develop plans for a Visual Arts Center, ultimately leading to the creation of the Delta Visual Arts Show – an arts festival showcasing Delta-themed work.

The students’ work began by helping the city establish a center that could work as a regional arts engine, drawing people into the community and providing a key component in the revitalization of downtown Newport. The team worked with the city to create a cohesive vision among its many stakeholders, identified sources of funding, and laid the groundwork for the center’s implementation.

Now more than a decade later, the Delta Arts Festival consists of two simultaneous events: The Delta Visual Arts Show and the Delta Festival of Books, both held annually in June in downtown Newport, as a celebration of the region’s creativity and talent. The festival has grown from attracting 17 artists and 180 attendees in 2009 to more than 200 artists and 4,000 attendees in 2023.

The Clinton School Impact Minute is a recurring segment with Little Rock Public Radio, highlighting the Clinton School’s field service impact in Arkansas.

Since 2004, Clinton School students have completed more than 600 field service projects with nearly 300 organizations in Arkansas alone, creating immediate and long-term impact for businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies across the state.



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