Clinton School Impact Minute: Searcy School District Pre-K Program

Betsy Bailey enrolled at the Clinton School of Public Service in 2021 with nearly 23 years of experience working in the Searcy School District. Two years later, armed with what she learned at the Clinton School, she has created meaningful change for many of the school district’s students and families.

Bailey used her final Capstone project to plan and develop a district-sponsored pre-kindergarten program for the Searcy School District. The program will consist of five pre-K classes – two at McRae Elementary, two at Sidney Deener Elementary, and one at Westside Elementary – that will serve 95 students, many of whom are considered at-risk.

The program’s curriculum, called “Second Step Early Learning” is shown to significantly increase executive function leading to kindergarten readiness.

The pre-K program will be implemented beginning in this 2023-24 school year. Dr. Bobby Hart, superintendent of the Searcy School District, said “This is an excellent opportunity to reach out to families who may need additional support in preparing their children for the K-12 experience.

The Clinton School Impact Minute is a recurring segment with Little Rock Public Radio, highlighting the Clinton School’s field service impact in Arkansas.

Since 2004, Clinton School students have completed more than 600 field service projects with nearly 300 organizations in Arkansas alone, creating immediate and long-term impact for businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies across the state.



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