Clinton School Students Embark on International Public Service Projects

Thirty-three students at the Clinton School of Public Service are set to embark on International Public Service Projects (IPSP) this summer as part of their fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Public Service degree program.

This summer, students will execute public service projects in 15 countries including Botswana, Canada, Costa Rica, England, France, Germany, Guinea, Kenya, Kyrgyz Republic, Poland, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, and Wales.

Some of the organizations that will be hosting the students include International Development Enterprises, U.S. Department of State, Syrian Emergency Task Force, Winrock International, UNESCO, African Institute for Children Studies, University for Peace, and Vital Voices Global Partnership.

The IPSP is the second of three major field service projects enrollees for the MPS degree at the Clinton School undertake.

The project is designed to allow students to build on lessons learned during their first year by providing them with practical, hands-on experience working with international or domestic organizations that have a global mission. 

While putting some of what they have learned in the classroom across the first two semesters to practice, the students will be executing numerous deliverables for their host organizations including needs assessment, best practice research, process and impact evaluation, program planning, development and evaluation, communication strategy, community and stakeholders’ engagement, curriculum development, amongst others.

Below is a closer look at the students and the projects they will be working on.

Greg Albright | City of Little Rock Sister Cities Commission (Little Rock, Ark.)

Albright will work closely with the Little Rock Mayor’s office as well as the Sister Cities commissioners to help plan and evaluate international exchanges, leveraging his experience in communications to ensure maximum engagement with Little Rock’s Sister Cities across the globe.

Karlie Barnett | Envirly (Warsaw, Poland)

Barnett will undertake best practice research for Envirly, specifically concerning consistent reporting methods for the environmental indicators of Polish companies. This project will contribute to the European Union’s wider effort to uphold environmental, social, and governance standards in the free market.

Sharon Boateng | Health Poverty Action (Kigali, Rwanda)

Boateng will support HPA’s Rwanda office on donor-funded projects that focus on economic empowerment for gender-based violence survivors, and support climate change efforts through the promotion of clean cooking technologies. She will also assist with project coordination, monitoring, and evaluation activities.

Brandon Brooks | U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Global Public Affairs (Washington, D.C.)

Brooks will be providing support for the United States Bureau of Global Affairs as part of the Department of State Summer Internship Program.

Aaron Conrad | Fraser Health Authority, Evaluation and Research Department (Surrey B.C., Canada)

Conrad will work in the Evaluation and Research Department of Fraser Health Authority to assist in conducting an impact evaluation of the Surrey Memorial Hospital’s Families and Babies program. This program is designed to care for infants and their families up to 4 weeks post-birth.

Evelyn Enriquez | Golden Door Scholars (Charlotte, N.C.)

Enriquez will evaluate the organization’s summer programming opportunities for their scholars. She will develop data collection processes and interpret findings to provide recommendations for programming opportunities.

Madeline Fralia | Race Equality First (Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom)

Fralia will create a social media portfolio for the organization’s communication plan and assist in the organization’s South Asian Heritage project. She will also participate in the execution of two major events, a South Asian Heritage festival and an Anti-Racism Poster Competition for school children in Cardiff.

Kristina Garlington | University for Peace – Countering Illicit Trade and Preventing Transnational Organized Crime (Ciudad Colon, San Jose Province, Costa Rica)

Garlington will organize UPEACE’s summer program with George Mason University focused on countering illicit trade and preventing transnational organized crime. She will create a model for the program and lead administrative, operational, and evaluative activities.

Kali Griscom | St. Anthony of Padua Community Association (Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom)

Griscom will create and implement an evaluation plan to assess the impact of St Anthony’s performance art program for increasing mobility and visibility among the older adult population.

Christinah Hambira | Syrian Emergency Task Force (Little Rock, Ark.)

Hambira will evaluate the Syrian Emergency Task Force’s Tomorrow’s Dawn educational project for women and young girls who have not gone through formal education, to evaluate its impact on the participants.

Brighton Huynh | Kgalagadi Women’s Empowerment Center (Tsabong, Kgalagadi South, Botswana)

Huynh will work with both the Kgalagadi Women’s Empowerment Center and Tsabong Unified Secondary School to research digital literacy as a means of economic opportunity.

Toyosi Idris | Fraser Health Authority – Department of Ethics Services (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada)

Idris will contribute to developing a regional Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) strategy and national standards for moral distress support. Her role involves best practice research and collaboration with the EDI and the indigenous health department to understand the health disparities among the indigenous population as well as other marginalized groups.

Sabrina Johnson | Earth Charter International (San Jose, Costa Rica)

Johnson will research, develop, and write stories for the Earth Charter Young Leaders Program. She will also support the implementation of Earth Charter’s general communications strategy.

Shannon Kenney | UNESCO, Inclusion, Rights and Intercultural Dialogue Section (Paris, France)

Kenney will be working with UNESCO in the Social and Human Services Sector, specifically the Inclusion, Rights, and Intercultural Dialogue Section. She will be contributing to the preparations and follow-up of the Global Forum Against Racism and Discrimination. Kenney will draft a partnership strategy and global event to mobilize the Writers Against Racism Network.

Petro Kosho | Global Detroit (Detroit, Mich.)

Kosho will work with the Global Detroit – Global Talent Accelerator program, which assists international students and recent graduates in entering Michigan’s job market. He will create an evaluation process for the program and help them improve their employer engagement process.

Summer Lollie | Global Public Policy (Burbank, Calif.)

Lollie will examine existing risks and opportunities in the cotton sector in Brazil, India, and Pakistan for a multinational company. She will conduct research on human rights and labor risks to support enhanced due diligence in the sector.

Hannah Malone | African Institute for Children Studies – AICS (Nairobi, Kenya)

Malone will help in the program planning and development of a newly established Scholar Leader Program.

Richard Millard | Winrock International – Safe Migration in Central Asia (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic)

Millard will support the Safe Migration in Central Asia project’s Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning, as well as the Communication and Programming teams. He will also assist in the organization of an international conference on human trafficking.

Daniela Montalvo | UNESCO – Inclusion, Rights and Intercultural Dialogue Section (Paris, France)

Montalvo will be at the UNESCO headquarters within the Section for Inclusion, Rights and Intercultural Dialogue (IRD) which is a part of the Sector for Social and Human Sciences (SHS). She will conduct research for the Global Forum against Racism and Discrimination, will assist in the conceptual and logistical preparations for the year-long celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Routes of Enslaved Peoples Project, and support any other tasks that may be required in the Section.

Penelope Nortey | Children International (Little Rock, Ark.)

Nortey will evaluate Children International’s online program. She will conduct a process evaluation as well as undertake tasks such as survey design, conducting focus groups, and helping create KPIs and analytics for the new platform.

Evanna Ojeda | Winrock International (Conakry, Guinea and Freetown, Sierra Leone)

Ojeda will be working on Winrock International’s USAID-funded project, Farmer to Farmer (F2F) Program in Guinea and Sierra Leone. As the program is in its initial stage, Ojeda will research and design a qualitative data collection process and collect baseline data on the barriers for equitable gender and youth inclusion in the agricultural sector.

Olugbenga Olaoye | International Development Enterprises – iDE (Denver, Colo.)

Olaoye will focus on supporting the design and implementation of feedback and learning loops for iDE’s global Key Performance Indicators systems on Salesforce to enhance decision-making and improve program effectiveness and drive continuous learning.

Jenna Ronquest | Building Futures East (Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom)

Ronquest will be working with Building Futures East to partially evaluate their East End Women’s Services. She will gather feedback directly from participants to provide internal recommendations on how to improve the program.

Stanley Rousseau | African Institute for Children Studies – AICS (Nairobi, Kenya)

Rousseau will be working with the African Institute for Children’s Studies in advocating for the enforcement of child labor laws to protect vulnerable children currently in the labor force.

Afolabi Salami | International Development Enterprises – iDE (Denver, Colo.)

Salami will conduct program evaluation tasks for iDE as part of the Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning team. He will be responsible for facilitating project-level learning. This will involve guiding project teams in designing and implementing learning activities, which will be integrated with the monitoring and evaluation efforts of the organization.

Sophia Sanders | Race Equality First (Cardiff, Wales)

Sanders will work alongside Race Equality First’s caseworkers and assist with casework, advocacy, and preparation for the poster competition event. She will also support school workshops and training sessions.

Tori Scott | Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce – International Research (Little Rock, Ark.)

Scott will perform a needs assessment based on interviews with local international executives and CEOs about the area’s current demand for educational offerings for international K-12 students. She will conduct research on international studies programs in the United States with similar geographical features to determine implementation strategies and outcomes to assist international families relocating to the Metro Little Rock Region.

Tah-jai Sharpe | University for Peace – Countering Illicit Trade and Preventing Transnational Organized Crime (San José, Cd Colón, Costa Rica)

Sharpe will support UPEACE’s scholarship program, which annually receives between 150 and 200 applications, by conducting program planning and evaluation activities.

Will Staton | Earth Charter International (Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica)

Staton will focus on standardizing Earth Charter’s public facing publications. He will work on podcasts and online publications to create a cohesive style between publications.

Vida Torgbe | Vital Voices Global Partnership (Washington, D.C.)

Torgbe will work as an intern on the Tech and Data team, supporting Vital Voices’ Monitoring and Evaluation efforts, and working across a portfolio of projects, learning from cross-functional teams with leaders and peers with varying backgrounds, education, and experiences. She will also collaborate with and provide qualitative and quantitative methodological expertise to staff.

Sarah Wambura | Global Ties Arkansas (Little Rock, Ark.)

Wambura will design an evaluation tool to measure the organization’s effectiveness in achieving its mission goals. This includes assessing program impact, personnel performance, and board effectiveness, while also contributing to proposal writing and program development for international groups.

Gabriela Wells | Girls Gearing Up International Leadership Academy e.V. (Berlin, Germany)

Wells will be working with young girls across the Eastern hemisphere during their stay at GGU’s Leadership Academy. She will be involved in facilitating discussions about women in the legal field, mentoring the young women, and creating a curriculum toolkit for the program.

Montana Westgate | LIV Lanseria (Lanseria, Johannesburg, South Africa)

Westgate will conduct a resource/capacity assessment of the organization’s separate Itutheng and LIV After School Programs. She will use her findings, as well as self-conducted best practices research on community integration in colonized and traumatized spaces, to complete a strategic recommendations report for the merging of the two programs.



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