Heptig Joins Department of Health and Human Services

Courtney Heptig (’21) has joined the the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) as a Management Analyst. Heptig’s work will include evaluating registrations for the 340B Drug Pricing Program and assisting the program with other administration activities.

“I’ve been interested in working for the federal government since I finished my Peace Corps service,” Heptig said. “However, I wanted to get my master’s degree before pursuing anything seriously. I specifically wanted to work with the Department of Health and Human Services because they do a lot of meaningful work in communities across the states. In this position I will be able to support one of those beneficial programs.”

Heptig’s Capstone project included creating a comprehensive resource list of free service providers in the counties served by ACH Child and Family Services in Fort Worth, Texas. She joined the organization in a full-time role, as a Permanency Specialist, in January 2021, and handled the case management of children removed by Texas Department of Family and Protective Services in the Johnson County region.

Heptig completed her International Public Service Project with Heifer International and Cargill’s Hatching Hope Global Initiative, which empowers poultry farmers to sustain their livelihoods and nourish their communities. She coordinated with communications teams in India, Kenya, and Mexico to create a project dashboard and knowledge repository for the Hatching Hope project.

“I think the communication skills I gained at the Clinton School will be extremely helpful when working with healthcare professionals across the country,” Heptig said, reflecting on how her Clinton School experience will impact her new role. “Additionally, I believe that the research and evaluation skills I learned at the Clinton School will be very beneficial in this position.”

Heptig is a graduate of the University of North Texas with a degree in international studies. Before enrolling at the Clinton School, she worked as a Volunteer Recruitment Specialist with the American Red Cross and an Education Specialist with the Recovery Resource Council. As a Peace Corps member, she traveled to Ecuador as a Youth and Family Development volunteer.



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