Partner Profile: Adult Learning Alliance of Arkansas

Team: Mark Cameron (Fayetteville, Ark.), Megan Burrow (Hot Springs, Ark.), Mallory Rusch (St. Louis, Mo.), Tiffany Phillips-Peters (Detroit, Mich.)

Supervisors: Neil Jones and Nancy Leonhardt

The team will conduct research to inform the development of a strategic plan that addresses the need for community-based adult literacy programs in Cleveland, Lincoln, Desha, Drew, Bradley, Ashley, and Chicot counties. The plan will be used by Arkansas Literacy Councils to establish and develop new literacy councils in the region. Students participating in the project will develop evaluation criteria for successful program startups, perform a needs and readiness analysis for the potential new sites, and provide recommendations for a strategic plan incorporating the results of this research.

Mission: READying Arkansas for a lifetime of literacy

“Since joining the Adult Learning Alliance, we have dreamed of developing a literacy council in the southeast area of our state. Statewide, 14% of Arkansans lack basic literacy skills. In the southeast, that percentage ranges from 16%-25%. A foundation of basic literacy skills will increase a learner’s employability, their children’s education level, community involvement, and most importantly, their self-esteem. Through the work of the Clinton School students, we hope that dream will be much closer to becoming reality.” – Nancy Leonhardt, Executive Director



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