Partner Profile: Hope Academy of Public Service

Team: Joseph Stepina (Coppell, Texas), Marina Giannirakis (Pittsburgh, Pa.), Clay Turner (Leachville, Ark.), Beth Quarles (Nashville, Tenn.)

Supervisor: Carol Ann Duke

The team will assess the impact of a middle school public service curriculum. The students will work to gather data to show the impact of the curriculum on community partners as well as students and the “whole child” aspects of middle school and career and college preparation.

Mission: To provide all students a quality education through the collaborative efforts of the school, families and all stakeholders to create productive citizens in our ever changing society.

“Our partnership with the Clinton School has afforded our students the opportunity to engage with students from all over the country and hear about their experiences with public service.  Our staff is working seamlessly with this year’s Field Placement Team to launch the grade-level curriculum that last year’s team developed. That work is invaluable as we experiment with elements of the curriculum to expose our students to the many facets of public service available to them and determined the efficacy of the curriculum, make revisions, and move forward in preparing our students for robust academic, vocational, and avocational lives as they become members of a global society.” – Carol Ann Duke, Principal



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