Raj Joins Faculty at University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

Vinay Raj (’18) has joined the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff as an Assistant Professor.

Raj will teach interdisciplinary courses including bioinformatics, research methods, and courses in biology, statistics, and computer science.

“My teaching and research will primarily be in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) areas,” Raj said. “I have been given two main service goals: The first is to be a mentor and work with UAPB STEM Scholars Academy.  The second is to introduce public health into the curriculum and also create partnerships with medical institutions like UAMS for students to pursue higher education in Public Health and further career opportunities.”

Raj completed his Clinton School Capstone project with the UAPB Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, where he conducted a study to improve pedagogy in the area of STEM education.

In addition to his Master of Public Service, Raj is a graduate of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences with a master’s degree in public health. He earned his Ph.D. in bioinformatics through a joint program with UA Little Rock and UAMS.

“I was a teaching assistant during my Ph.D. studies,” Raj said. “The curriculum development and assistance in teaching as part of the projects at the Clinton School also played an important role.”

Raj previously worked with UAMS as a Bioinformatics Analyst in the genomics core of the cancer institute and is a former chair of the Arkansas chapter of the MidSouth Bioinformatics Society. He is also the founder and past president of the Bioinformatics club at UA Little Rock.



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