Students Set to Begin Summer International Public Service Projects

Clinton School of Public Service students will complete International Public Service Projects as part of the school’s Master of Public Service degree program this summer.

This summer, students will travel to Bangladesh, Costa Rica, France, Israel, Panama, Peru, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Sweden, and the United Kingdom to complete work with nonprofits, foundations, government agencies, and startup accelerators creating impact across the world.

“The International Public Service Project is one of the most unique and exciting aspects of the Clinton School,” said Dean Victoria M. DeFrancesco Soto. “These projects produce impact for organizations across the world and create incredible experiences for our students.”

The IPSP is the second of three major field service projects for Clinton School MPS students. The project is designed to allow students to build on lessons learned during their first year, and to provide practical, hands-on experience with international organizations or with domestic organizations that have a global mission to their work. The international project exposes Clinton School students to unique challenges and creates both short and long-term impacts for students and their organizational partners.

“Students begin exploring potential IPSPs during the first semester,” said Tiffany Jacob, Director of International Programs. “We encourage everyone to identify their career goals and seek projects that will allow them to build the skills and experience needed to advance. We have an incredible range of interests and talents this year. It’s exciting to see the students implementing projects and actively working towards their professional and academic goals.”

This summer’s international work includes the planning of a global forum against racism and discrimination in France, evaluating a community-based psychological support program in Peru, and researching compliance with the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime in Costa Rica.

Below is a closer look at each project.

Augustine Amankwaa | Health Poverty Action USA (Madison, Wisc.)

Amankwaa will conduct best practice research on other International NGOs to determine value add for Health Poverty Action USA. He will also undertake funder scoping to build donor income streams, as well as develop strategies to cultivate the growth of HPA USA.

Caleb Cox | Arkansas Rural Health Partnership (Fayetteville, Ark.)

Cox will work with Arkansas Rural Health Partnership to develop a toolkit pertaining to The Good Food Rx, a food delivery program. He will collaborate with ARHP’s team to support overall program evaluation and data analysis efforts.

Katlee Freasier | Give & Surf (Bocas del Toro, Panama)

Freasier will develop STEM curriculum for Give & Surf and create effective data collection and analysis processes for the procurement of grant funding. She will create curriculum implementation procedures and assist with grant writing and reporting to assess the effectiveness of the measures.

Katie George | Helping Overcome Obstacles Peru (Flora Tristan, Arequipa, Peru)            

George will begin evaluation for Helping Overcome Obstacles Peru’s community-based psychological support program, specifically by identifying key performance indicators. She will also determine areas of possible program improvement and expansion, and assist in securing funding.

Claire Hollenbeck | Race Equality First (Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom)

Hollenbeck will create an in-house style guide to ensure consistency in output and use of specific terms by the organization. She will also help with the coordination and logistics of Race Equality First events throughout the summer.

Alyssa Jones | Give and Surf (Bocas del Toro, Panama)

Jones will work alongside local teachers to aid in developing English-language-based activities. She will also work on data analysis,grant writing, and reporting.

Michael King | MassChallenge Israel (Israel, Jerusalem)

King will coordinate and record key performance indicators related to MassChallenge Israel’s mentor participation processes. He will make suggestions and modifications to the roles assigned between the program candidates and the volunteers participating as learning partners.

David Lewis | Syrian Emergency Task Force (Little Rock, Ark.)

Lewis will assist Syrian Emergency Task Force in data analysis and program management. He will evaluate existing programs and develop supplemental procedures and educational resources.

Arjo Mitra | Artolution (Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh)

Mitra will help adapt Artolution’s existing monitoring and evaluation framework to the Bangladesh operation. He will also assist in grant writing and communication efforts.

Rachel Monnahan | University for Peace (Ciudad Colón, San José, Costa Rica)

Monnahan will be interning for the head of the Chair on Countering Illicit Trade and Preventing Transnational Organized Crime. She will also conduct research on member states compliance with the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime.

Babatunde Oladele | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Paris, France)

Oladele will work on a process evaluation plan focused on UNESCO’s Global Forum Against Racism and Discrimination. He will evaluate to what extent the policy actions and resolutions from the Global Forum have been effective in reducing the incidences of hate crimes and racist profiles of countries that participated in the two editions of the Forum.

Dotun Olagbaju | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Paris, France)

Olagbaju will assist with the planning of the 2023 Global Forum against Racism and Discrimination and the MasterClass series against racism and discrimination. He will also evaluate previous editions of the Global Forum against Racism and Discrimination.

Caleb Parker | Building Futures East (Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom)

Parker will serve three functions, all associated with Building Futures East’s current programming: streamlining the data collection process, building an impact assessment plan, and creating an interorganizational information sharing procedure.

Solomon Quarm | Department of Community Programs (Little Rock, Ark.)

Quarm will help in creating a community-driven initiative that will aim to empower the residents of Little Rock to take an active role in shaping the future of their community. Residents will be given the opportunity to identify the things they need most in their community, the challenges they face, and the future they want for it.

Stef Vestal | Community and Family Services International (Manila, Philippines)

Vestal will help Community and Family Services International design and implement the first phase of a process to enable the identification, documentation, and sharing of lessons learned by CFSI in the humanitarian-development-peace (HDP) nexus in conflict-affected and fragile states.

Cameron Witt | The Asia Foundation, Sri Lanka (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Witt will create informative summaries about current women’s rights issues in Sri Lanka. These reports will be translated into local languages and will help women’s rights organizations with their community awareness efforts and advocacy objectives.

Seth Wyatt | Syrian Emergency Task Force (Stockholm, Sweden)

Wyatt will work to archive the SETF’s media footprint pertaining to Syrian refugees and advocates, help continue work on a prison mapping project, attend conferences and events with a focus on advocacy for Syrian refugees and against the killing of civilians in Syria, and assist SETF with various other projects and essential work.



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