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Clinton School Online

CSO Program Information

Clinton School Online offers professionals a practical skill set and knowledge base to enhance their opportunities for leadership in public service. The online program is designed for people already working in their desired field, giving them the enhanced knowledge, skills, and network needed to advance their careers without relocating or disrupting their personal lives.

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Grounded in critical analysis and the formulation of program and policy options, the online program uses its core courses to teach students to build stronger communities by understanding, engaging, and transforming complex systems to ensure equity and create positive social change.

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Prospective students can request more information on Clinton School Online, schedule a phone call with the admissions team, or start their application by submitting their information and level of interest using the form below.

CSO Admissions Process

Admission to Clinton School Online is determined by several factors including academic background, graduate admissions test scores, public service experience, and personal vision for future public service contributions. All applicants should meet the minimum criteria for graduate studies at the University of Arkansas, which includes a 2.85 undergraduate GPA. Due to a range of domestic educational protocols, Clinton School Online is only available to students living in the United States.

The Clinton School is a non-partisan graduate institution that welcomes academically and experientially qualified applicants of all ideologies, backgrounds, ages, and life experiences.

For more information on the admissions process, contact the Office of Admissions at or by calling 501-683-5228.

CSO Links

Below are list of links that provide information to core courses for Clinton School Online, faculty, frequently asked questions, and how to start your application.

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Clinton School Speaker Series
Inspiring Ideas Into Action.

The Clinton School Speaker Series not only enhances the education of Clinton School students, but also provides a venue for the public to engage in intellectual discussions on the issues of the day.